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Syntech Sustainability NZ Recycled Sustainable Packaging

Syntech is the first NZ supplier of full 100% recycled PET sheet for food safe packaging. Proudly offering a recovery service to its partners for skeletal rPET, Syntech returns offcuts to source for recycling into new sheet, offering a closed loop solution to the global problem of plastic waste.

Through constant research we are able to provide our customers with Sustainable, Recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. We focus on products which are food grade, high quality, fit for purpose and reduce packaging where possible.

At Syntech we value tomorrow.

We have been supplying the New Zealand market since 2003 with PET containing recycled PET (rPET). The market change in 2019 requiring high percentage Post Consumer Recycled PET was an easy move for Syntech and our Customers and we have been supplying 100% recycle PET (rPET) which exceeds the 2025 recycled component requirement.

Our 100% rPET is:

• kerb side recyclable within NZ
• food grade
• fully integrates into current machinery
• offering a true circular economy


Alongside our conventional products, we proudly offer 100% single polymer structures, which are 100% recyclable back into the same polymer in the future. With high and medium barriers and options of clear or metallised finishes. These 100% recyclable films and our mixed polymer structures are compatible with the NZ & Australian Soft Plastics Recycling Schemes.


In the aim to further reduce products reverting to landfill and limit where possible the use of fossil fuels we have a range of films and pouches suitable for home and commercial composting. These are ideal where the packaging can act as a suitable ‘carrier’ of waste products to composting facilities to add value to the end resulting compost.
The aim of lidding film is to package and protect product, allowing for the correct features to help extend its shelf life.
We aim to minimise the film as much as possible to reduce the amount of plastic used in the process, without detrimental effects to the packaged goods.

Lidding Film Options:

• Reduce the gauge as much as possible
• 100% PET
• Suitable for the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme
• Compostable
• Some of the additional options: anti-fog, punched holes or perforated, high barrier, highly permeable, printed, metalised

As we support the local Thermoforming market in New Zealand, we like to work closely with a number of them in finding solutions for you with regard to trays.Where trays such as compostable, bamboo or sugar cane (6 weeks compostable), HIPS or cPET are required and not produced locally, we are more than happy to help provide you a solution, and can certainly provide a solution for the applicable lidding film.

As a member of Plastics New Zealand we are able to keep abreast of changes and updates relative to the NZ industry & market. This ensures we are keeping ourselves and you up to date, and able to share the latest technology and ever-evolving products from our Supply Partners inline with the NZ requirements.

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